No regrets…just lessons learnt!

“Life is going to be really easy breezy in college”…..we always have this thought as soon as we step out of high school. Bollywood movies have successfully managed to fit the idea of “perfect college life” in our minds but I’m sure most of the times it’s not as perfect and smooth as we thought it’s going to be. I stepped in college as an immature girl full of enthusiasm but college life taught me few lessons which completely transformed me into a bold, strong headed personality ready to face the obstacles in the real world outside.

The following list unveils 5 most important lessons in life that I learnt the hard way!

1. Prioritising yourself.

We often try to portray the best versions of ourselves initially so that we are in good books of everyone. Just to be the “perfect one” we end up compromising on a lot of stuff for our friends especially! However, in this process we forget ourselves. Prioritising yourself can be tough, it’s not easy to say NO to your friends or closed ones, but we should learn to keep ourselves first whenever it’s needed. Never feel guilty or scared to choose what you love and stand by it…the right people will understand and those who don’t may leave..but atleast at the end of the day you’ll be happy and that’s what matter.

2. Don’t trust too much

We often believe that everyone around us is as genuine and trustworthy as we are but that might not be true everytime. Finally each and every person wants to achieve great heights in life and people might just change colours anytime, they might take advantage of you or even take you for granted. The point is, trust isn’t given,it’s earned so take time to trust people, don’t reveal too much quickly, also don’t believe in anything and everything thats been told to you. Ask questions if needed, clarify your doubts, be smart! Not everyone is your wellwisher and we should be able to identify true faces of people incase they are wearing a mask to fool us!

3. Don’t be afraid of challenges

Opportunities often knock our doors only if we are willing to grab them at the right time. Learn something new everyday. Don’t fear change. Make a bucket list. Try to get out of your comfort zone. Embrace your own pace. We don’t learn until we try so atleast give it a shot. Usually we stop ourselves from choosing the path less travelled but these choices make us stand out! People will always judge, pull you down, mock at you but it’s one life that we get and it has to be full of challenges for it to be wonderful. Don’t worry about failure, just enjoy the path and keep challenging yourself.

“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”

Benjamin Franklin

4. Stop expecting

Just trust the process and don’t expect “happy endings” everytime you do something. If you are investing your time and efforts in a particular activity or a person for that matter, do your best and forget the rest. If the outcomes are fruitful, well and good…if not, try and accept the fact that everything is not in our hands and move on. Personally, till date, I haven’t succeeded in stopping myself from expecting but I’m half way there and trust me, the day we stop expecting, we’ll be really happy.

5. Be grateful

You’ll definitely meet many people who will inspire you to be better, help you grow, teach you amazing values, be there for you during your low times. Learn to appreciate their efforts, don’t take them for granted. Give respect to those who deserve it.Your friend circle may be small, but if you manage to find true friends then don’t ever leave them. A simple smile and Thank you can go a long way!

We all will miss college someday….these experiences will only help us be better people…be mindful of your actions but also have fun…these days are never going to come back so make sure you make the best of it..keep moving on the path you chose because I know the destination will be amazing..keeping loving….keep smiling!!!❤️

Life with a lifestyle disorder!


Lying down on the bed I kept staring at the painting on the wall at my gynaecologist’s clinic. Thoughts in my mind weren’t ready to calm down and I kept wondering why my hormones aren’t functioning normally from past few months as they usually do. The doctor stepped in and I could hear my heartbeats already. She smiled, and checked the sonography reports. The anxiety kicked in and there I was sweating and shivering. She said, “Dear, I’m sorry but you have PCOD i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Disease”. So I was right, my hormones weren’t stable and thus there was a complete chaos going on in my body. The doctor mentioned it wasn’t a fatal disease but somehow I found myself in a dark space surrounded by fear and confusion. I’m a pro at showing the world that my life’s great but that evening ” the brave girl attitude” was scared to show up. The journey back home wasn’t an easy one and I also knew my life journey with this disorder wasn’t going to be a cake walk too!

The Google expedition began. I would spend hours reading about it online and trust me, the more I read about it the more I struggled to keep myself positive. Now that I think of it I realised google always ends up making us feel seriously ill. I started my medications and yes I would google out the entire prescription too. I was prescribed contraceptives and as a student studying Zoology since past 2-3 years I found it strenuous to pop those tablets in my mouth.While other girls struggled with period cramps, I struggled to just get my periods on time. I wanted to believe that all this isn’t a big deal but all thanks to my overthinking, I knew this had to be fixed. Things were already difficult but little did I know that life further was going to be a lot more topsy turvy for me. I believed I knew everything about PCOD but I was mistaken, there were a lot of myths which had to be busted. I would bombard my gynecologist with many simple, wierd, dumb and all sorts of queries.That poor lady had a tough time dealing with me but I’m sure she had seen numerous confused and curious patients like me.But slowly my fear started to dissappear. The darkness seemed to vanish. Knowing that I’m not the only one going through this roller coaster ride made things a lot easier. I started reading about PCOD from authentic journals and started speaking up about my issue with people who had thorough knowledge about this subject. My thoughts were like entangled strings but accepting that I had complications made issues a lot simple. The feeling of acceptance and gratitude made me feel safe and relaxed. Those entangled strings were kind of unwinding themselves and I got clarity. I convinced myself that I’m not going to rely on just medications. If something had to be changed,it was my lifestyle and I was determined to do that.

Priorities were sorted, maintaining physical as well as mental health. Workout, home cooked food and meditations became my best friends. The struggle was real and I’m not going to lie but initially I just forced myself to do whatever it takes to get myself out of this mess. The number on the weighing scale was constant. Acne would love to leave scars on my face every other day. Waxing was an issue too because how can you keep waxing so much of body hair? People kept commenting on these physical attributes, some just made random jokes and would laugh if off without realising how bad it made me feel while on the other hand I also met people who genuinely understood the struggle I was going through.These were just physical struggles and to add on to it, mental exhaustion was a cherry on the cake! There were days where I felt an adrenaline rush and I wanted to just go out there and conquer the world, while on some days I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life. I felt like a looser and couldn’t gather courage to keep moving on the path I chose.But still I knew I didn’t want to be one of those people who didn’t even try to fix their lives. Diets weren’t my cup of tea so I just chose home cooked food over junk food. Working out wasn’t easy either but on days I didn’t feel like going to the gym, I would just dance till I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. Anxiety and fear would still kick in every now and then. On some days I struggled to move out of bed and start off the day. My heart would ache while I saw all the amazing food bloggers post lovely food pictures on instagram. Friends and families were always there to catch hold of me if I fall but explaining everyone what exactly I as going through was another struggle all together. My 2 bestfriends saw everything, my tears, anxiety, fear, tantrums, insecurities, deep scars, fake smiles, but they stood there like strong pillars handling a wierdo without complaining a single time. Somehow after about a year full of constant efforts I finally had the courage to stop my medications and see if these lifestyle modifications kickstarted my menstrual cycle. I waited patiently, trying to breathe and keep my mind calm. I wanted to feel those cramps again. Those uncomfortable moments while I walked around wearing a sanitary pad didn’t seem troublesome anymore. Whenever girls complained about period pain I would simply smile and pray that I start experiencing it too. And one day finally, I got my periods without any contraceptives and that day I promised myself that I won’t ever complain about it. I still get anxiety attacks, my weight still keeps fluctuating and my acne is still very much in love with my face, but what’s great is I know I can deal with this. I still have days when my cycles are offtrack but I’m grateful that I know how to tackle this and get out of it. What’s most important is that I finally know that body hair, acne, body weight, hairfall won’t stop me from loving myself.

If you all know anybody going through this, try and make this world a better place for them with small efforts. To all the girls out there, if you have PCOD too, trust me its a difficult path but we can pull this off beautifully! It can be managed with a lot of patience. I strongly believe there is light after darkness, joy after pain, hopes after failure. Start looking at this issue from a different perspective. As young girls we have already started taking care of our bodies and mental peace wonderfully. We have strated giving importance to water, sleep, good state of mind and I’m sure none of us are going to regret this in the future. Get help if needed. Move your body and give it what it needs. It’s been with you since forever and it’s time for you to start giving it some extra care and love. Start prioritising your life and help your body and soul feel happy and healthy….keep loving…keep smiling!!!❤️

New beginnings!

I spend more and more time at my desk these days typing as I realised I have a lot to say and share. These days have been tough due to the pandemic and just writing about my experiences in a daily journal isn’t enough anymore. So here I am pouring my thoughts into words… trying to help my soul be in peace and take you all on a roller coaster ride of my life journey…keep loving… keep smiling!!!❤️

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